PRESS RELEASE– January 5, 2014

Contact Person: Rev. Dr. Thomas Lynch


The Christian Enigma: Back to the Message by Rev. Drs. Thomas D. and Cynthia E. Lynch will soon be available for $20 USD at your neighborhood bookstore and internet retailers such as Amazon. This book is a must read for those who have questions about God and religion, especially the Christian religion. It confronts many doubts directly and points out the possibility that we have seriously failed to comprehend much of the message of a great man who taught the world over two thousand years ago. The book details what the authors consider to be the misunderstood as well as the original messages based on their careful consideration of the context of His era and a reconstruction of His manner of presentation.


Among Christians, doubts and skepticisms are increasing about God and the religion founded by a young intellectually brilliant Jew in ancient Israel. Atheists and Spiritual-But-Not-Religious groups are growing significantly while church attendance is dropping among the core denominations of the previously faithful in the world’s advanced nations. Organized religion is in crisis and this book addresses the reasons for that crisis that the established churches largely are ignoring.


The Christian Enigma explains the well-established Christian message. The book elaborates on why today’s accepted interpretation was not what Jesus taught and tells us how Roman era theologians distorted His original message. Influenced by the now dead Imperial Roman culture, those theologians created a politically correct religion for its time that merged some concepts from the Jewish faith with the values and myths from their own Greek / Roman society. Imperial Rome ceased to exist many centuries ago, but its created religion continues into our era.


So why is this book a must read? Enough time has passed to put down the old incorrect interpretation and embrace the brilliant original message of Jesus that the authors call the Omega Interpretation. Part One of the book helps the reader abandon the old imperial Roman interpretation. Part Two of the book presents the profound spiritual message of Jesus. It is a message that will help show humankind how to live together in harmony and peace as we move into a much more interdependent and scientific millennium.


An extra bonus in the book is the presentation of possibly the only authentic image of Jesus. For years, the world has known about the possibility that Jesus traveled in India. Now we have a photograph taken in 1940s of a painting of Him while in a Buddhist monastery in India, which the monks said was created prior to His amazing experiences in Israel. The photo shows clearly a young sematic man and possibly the image of a man who significantly changed the world in our past and maybe will change the world again, given the message put forth in this book.

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