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The New Website is Live!

Our new website is live here at Here you can view our articles – including the Academy Blog, scholarly publications, and transcripts of our Sermons and Talks. You can also register for or learn more about our programs and our courses. You may leave comments on this and every other article on this website.  […]

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Online Courseware

As part of our plan to extend our courses to the online community – and by extention, the international community, we have begun work on our online courseware. Although our Course Schedule only offers courses in San Miguel de Allende and in South Texas for Fall of 2009, we are working on our online courseware […]

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Religion in Crisis

RELIGION IN CRISIS By Rev. Dr. Thomas D. Lynch Presented at Biblioteca, August 6 and 13, 2009 San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico INTRODUCTION Religion today is in crisis. I am not talking about any one religion, as I am addressing religion in general. What I mean by crisis is that increasingly it is difficult […]

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