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Interfaith Academy
Executive Director: Rev. Dr. Thomas D. Lynch.

Days of Awe

1. Avinu Malkeinu—————–View Lyric
2. Hineni—————————–View Lyric
3. Besefer Chaim—————–View Lyric
4. Unataneh Tokef—————–View Lyric
5. A-i Shemah Koleynu———–View Lyric
6. Kol Nidrei————————-View Lyric
7. A-i A-i——————————-View Lyric
8. Shemah Koleynu—————View Lyric
9. El Maleh Rachamin————View Lyric
10. Zochereynu Lechaim——–View Lyric
11. Ana Bekoreynu—————-View Lyric

Narrow streets, colonial homes, spectacular churches, art galleries, and renown as cradle of the Mexican revolution have made San Miguel de Allende a showplace of Mexico. Distinctive beauty and a riveting cultural scene inspire a large expatriate community, including many artist and writers, and great numbers of visitors.

The small, vibrant Jewish community is of diverse backgrounds and traditions, but nevertheless joined together to further common religious commitment, spiritual growth and charitable works. Warmly welcoming, the Jewish fellowship mushrooms in size and sc… view all description.

INVITACION solo piano por Eslmarie

INVITACION solo piano por Eslmarie

INVITACION piano solo by Elsmarie

1. River’s Road
2. Autumn Moods
3. Shades of Sunlight
4. Misty Horizons
5. Evening Thoughts
6. Strength of Forgiveness
7. Today’s Pleasure
8. Colors of Hope
9. Dance of Souls
10. Stairs to Light
11. Inseparable Bonds
12. Quest for Love
13. Love’s Gift

“We live in a world where we create and tolerate noise which causes enormous stress and anxiety, then hurry to find whatever will relieve the pain. Music offers a simple, yet profound way for us to return to a place where breath and spirit are one… a place where we can awaken again to our essential nature of being at peace. With this

Flauta y Piana

IMPROVISACIONES para flauta y piano

INPROVISACIONES para Flauta y Piano

1. Windwaves
2. Flight Forms
3. Winter’s Light
4. Freedom Song
5. Gaelic Dreams
6. Mountain Home
7. Victory of the Heart
8. Homecoming
9. Wings of Times
10. Dance of Celebration
11. Sacred Passages
12. Come Meet My Friends
13. Journey for Lovers
14. Soul’s Mystery

These pieces came about in spontaneous response to the moment in which we found ourselves. A key was chosen, a glance exchanged, and we otherwise knew nothing of what would happen next. These are the open spaces, we all long for in the midst of the stresses in our lives. But we don’t have to give it all up and remove ourselves to some distant place. That open space is within and accessible even in our most chaotic times… by taking a moment to turn in our plans, expectations and worries for mindfulness, gratit… view all description.