Fees and Tuition

The Tuition for the Academy are for courses in U.S. Dollars. Discussions are also offered and donations are requested.

The Tuition per course is $100 per semester hour. Thus a normal full time 12 to 15 credits for a single semester will cost $1,2000 to $1,5000. The Interfaith Minister Program is a two year program with full time students taking four semester and two summer sessions. 

Assistantships are available and will be awarded on a case-by-case basis. Please apply with the Registration Form. Assistantships cover only fees and tuition, not room and board. Assistantship awardees will work part-time for the Academy. Applicants need to request an Assistantship at the same time the Application Form is submitted.

Applicants will be interviewed before an admission decision is made. Before the interview, the applicants will be asked to submit an official college transcript of their education and their resume.