NOTE: If you are only signing up for one or more short courses for the general public, simply click here to proceed to Step 2 – Application for Enrollment

If you are signing up for one or more regular courses that apply to a certificate program such as the Interfaith Minister Program, please follow the four-step registration process, as follows:

  1. Application for Enrollment.
  2. Application for Enrollment: Please fill out and submit the Application for Enrollment.
  3. Interview: You will be contacted via telephone by one of our staff members for a personal interview.
  4. Payment for Courses: Once you have been accepted, we will present you with a link where you can register and pay (via PayPal) for the courses you are interested in taking. You can also order your textbooks on this web site.


NOTE: If you are only signing up for short courses, do not pay the Registration Fee. Simply proceed to <a href=”../register/step-2-application-for-enrollment/”>Step 2 – Application for Enrollment</a>.