Personal Request

Personal Request– from Kurt Johnson

CIC-USA Interspiritual Multiplex  

To My Friends thru the Interspiritual Multiplex–
a request to post the “red” announcement below at your Facebook page(s)

As you know, THE COMING INTERSPIRITUAL AGE (TCIA) continues to help shape the growing interspiritual phenomenon– the emergence of a universal spirituality.

A coalition of Christian, Hindu and Humanist groups have joined to support an Initiative through the SPEAK EASY progressive blog network of Mike Morrell in support of the vision of TCIA.

To max out the support of these generous groups could you consider posting the following at your Facebook page(s)?

Interest in the emerging universal spirituality continues with the progressive blog network SPEAK EASY (joined by a multifaith and humanist network) exploring the vision of THE COMING INTERSPIRITUAL AGE (Kurt Johnson and David Robert Ord).  The SPEAK EASY intro. page is at:

Note– when you type in that latter URL on Facebook the graphic and link for the SPEAK EASY campaign will pop up below your post.  If you could do this it would be an amazing tribute to those who are supporting this effort.

As the Chambers Brothers sing “Time has come today!”  Time to continue the evolution toward a heart-centered univeral spirituality!

Thank you if you can do this post!  July/ August Satsangs will be scheduled soon!

Kurt Johnson
The Interspiritual Multiplex
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