Getting Legal

Getting Legal
Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Rev. Dr. Tom Lynch, Rev. Dr. Cynthia Lynch, Wayne Ford, and Jack Stillwater met with Maria de la Martinez Arroyo last Friday to discuss creating a Mexican nonprofit corporation. Mrs. Martinez Arroyo is a Mexican lawyer in SMA recommended by Mark Baker. Jack did the translations. We briefed her on what we want and gave her copies of the Articles of Incorporation, the draft By-Laws, two brochures, and this web site address. She needs to translate the information and will get back to us. She did inform us that we will need five board members at a minimum in Mexico.

After that meeting Tom Lynch, Wayne Ford, and Jack Stillwater, moved to a New Orleans style restaurant for a working lunch. Wayne was given a copy of the Texas Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. He promised to let us know if he approves them or not. Tom and Cynthia Lynch approve it.

The next steps are to wait for the lawyer and get two more people for the Mexican corporation. Our desire is that they be Mexican.

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