Rev. Leticia González



Name:                         Leticia González

Nationality:                Mexicana

Residence:                  San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México


Address:                      Calle Manuel Rocha # 35, La Lejona

San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

House Phone:              120-0964




Interfaith Ministry, Phsycanics Psychology, Human Development, Tanathology, Commercial Studies, Secretarial Studies and basic education.


Other Studies:

Grammar: Escuela Rafael Donde, Mexico City

Secondary: Carnegie School, Mexico City

High School (equivalent):  Carnegie School, Mexico City Finishing School

Interfaith Minister: Interfaith Academy

Tanathology: University La SalleCancun

Tanathology: University Iberoamericana Leon

Psychology, Philosophy, World Religions, Ethics, NGO’s Administration at Interfaith Academy in San Miguel de Allende with Proffesors Thomas and Cynthia Lynch.

Commercial Studies: Carnegie School in MexicoCity

Two years English studies in St. Louise Missouri, USA

Intensive Training at Harmon Hall for the teaching of English

850 Points at the TOEFL Exam





Teacher at Harmon Hall Cancun in the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced courses.

Assistant for the Quality and Training Department at Hotel Casa Maya in Cancun

Psychology Assistant with Dra. Ma. Esther Perez Beyliss, giving workshops for personal growth and private counseling in Cancun.

Volunteer for CIAM, (Centro Integral de Ayuda a la Mujer) coordinating the support groups for Family Violence.

Clinical Director and Director of Mexican Services at Hospice San Miguel, A.C.

Director of Family Selection at Casita Linda

Teacher at CEDECOM (Community Center) in Loss, Bereavemt Grief process

Private Counseling

Interfaith Minister; Spiritual Counseling, Weddings, Christenings, House Blessings


Public Presentations:


As Instructor of “La Comunicacion en las Relaciones Humanas” (Communication in Human Relations) for the Municipality of Benito Juarez in Cancun. México, November  2006,


Presentation  “Que es Hospice?” (What is Hospice) at ISSSTE, Celaya, Guanajuato, November del 2008.


Presentation “Perdidas, Dolor y Duelo” y “Muerte y Vida” (Grief and Bereavement, and Life and Death) at DIF San Miguel de Allende   2008 y 2009.


Presentation de “Perdidas”  y “Riqueza” y  “Como Manejar tus Emociones”  El CERESO ( San Miguel’s local Prison) at San Miguel de Allende  2009.


Presentation  de la  “Comunicacion en las Relaciones Humanas” (Communication in Human Relations) 4 hour workshop for parents of the Association “Padres en Cambio”  en León, Guanajuato.


Presentation “Perdidas” (Losses) for parents of Private Schools “Carrusel” and “Atabal” Public School “La Fragua” 2008-2009.


Presenter of monthly Radio Program talking about Loss and Bereavement, Hospice care.


Presenter for TV programs in the local TV Channels 3 and 4, talking about different aspects of the Loss and Bereavement Process.




As Social Worker, complete initial intake, screen families and children, study their social-phsycological backrounds.


As Counselor, give counseling, to people going through any kind of los: death, separation, divorce, health loss, financial loss, etc., give spiritual counseling for dying patients, their families.


As Bereavement Coordinator, facilitate two Spanish Bereavement Groups, one for parents who have lost a child and the other for other family members who have experienced a loss of a loved one.


Coordinate and supervise the Child Bereavement Program in schools for children age 8-13 who have experienced the loss of a pet, a family member to immigration, or a death in the family.


As Director of Mexican Services, coordinate and open new doors for new projects such as an Educational Comic Book on Hospice, Child Bereavement Program in Private Schools, relations with Social Workers of different Health Institutions, educational presentations about the Association to Schools, Hospitals, Clinics, etc.


As Presenter before Municipal Institutions, be present at different events of these Institutions such as “The Health Week for the Elderly Citizen”, “The Personal Growth Week”, “Anti-Stress Sessions”, and others.


Be in touch we the neediest population in order to present them as possible candidates for a house at Casita Linda Organization,


Be in touch with other Organizations that can offer Workshops to the neediest population on values, hygiene, education, family violence, addictions, and sexual education.







Help in the organization and coordination of fund raising events, the Health Fairs with the participation of other ONG’S and Government Associations, raffles, garage sales, etc.




Interfaith Minister giving a weekly Service, Director of Family Selection at CASITA LINDA. Responsible of family selection, professional relations with other Organizations and Municipal Authorities, to work together in order to give the opportunity of a better life to the poorest people of San Miguel.


Volunteer tutor for Jóvenes Adelante.





I have knowledge in Office Programs, business letters, office organization, personnel coordination and supervision, group management.




Before coming to San Miguel de Allende I worked as an English Teacher at Harmon Hall Cancun and in several Hotels in Cancun, Quintana Roo.


At Hotel Casa Maya I was Head of the English Department and Assistant to the Training Department supervising the education in several areas for 400 employees.


I worked in my early years as Personal Assistant to the Director of the National Railways of Mexico and to Directors of Private Companies.




One week in San Diego at San Diego Hospice learning about the various aspects of the Hospice organization.


Ten days at Chicago Metallic learning about sales and administrative aspects of the construction business.


I am a Certified Train the Trainer ELNEC Program which qualifies me to give lectures to big audiences – 100 people up.




Fully bilingual – Spanish-English – capable of reading, writing, talking, and translating.