Dr. Alex Krem

Alex and friend 2Dr. Alexander Krem was raised in a non-denominational interfaith tradition and attended Northbrae Community Church in Berkeley California since childhood with its stained glass windows that honored the Great Teachers of all faiths.  www.northbrae.org/.  Since then, he has travelled to more than 75 countries and observed the ways of mankind with interest and respect. 

Dr Krem has lectured at the University of California (Berkeley), the University of the Pacific (Stockton, California), Redlands University (California) and Auckland University (New Zealand), as well as for the American Institute of Bankers, the Pacific Rim Bankers Association, the Singapore Development Bank, the US Congress, the National Science Foundation, and at numerous international seminars.  He has designed developed and implemented successful educational and training programs in Bulgaria, Egypt, Mexico, New Zealand, Romania, the UK and the US.  He was founder and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Worldwide Schools, providing education and training to students from around the world, where he was responsible for curricula development, marketing and recruiting.


My Courses are:
*Spirituality, Humanism and Religion
*Myths and the Image of God
*Reconciling Religion and Science
*Psychology and Religion
*Group Dynamics and Nonprofit Organizations
*Servant Leadership