These 40 hours courses are for people interested in developing knowledge and skills in nonprofit management.
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Nonprofit Leadership, Management, and Planning 3.1.1PayPalInformation
Personnel and Leadership for Nonprofit Organizations 3.1.2Self enrolmentPayPalInformation
Budgeting and Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations 3.1.3PayPalInformation
Foundations of Organization Theory for Nonprofits 3.1.4PayPalInformation
Management for Nonprofit OrganizationsPayPalInformation
Grant Writing and Fund Development Self enrolmentPayPalInformation
Ethics for Nonprofit Organizations 3.1.6PayPalInformation
Probability and Statistics for Nonprofit Organizations 3.1.7Self enrolmentPayPalInformation
Research Methods and Program Evaluation for Nonprofit Organizations 3.1.8Self enrolmentPayPalInformation
Constitutional and Basic Laws Relevant to Nonprofit Organizations 3.1.9Self enrolmentPayPalInformation
Administrative Law and Nonprofit Organizations 3.1.10Self enrolmentPayPalInformation
Public Policy and Nonprofit Organizations 3.1.11Self enrolmentPayPalInformation
Marketing Management for Nonprofit Organizations 3.1.12Self enrolmentPayPalInformation
Accounting for Nonprofit Organizations 3.1.13Self enrolmentPayPalInformation
Technology for Nonprofit Organizations 3.1.14Self enrolmentPayPalInformation
Group Dynamics and Nonprofit Organizations 3.1.15Self enrolmentPayPalInformation
Servant Leadership 3.1.16Self enrolmentPayPalInformation
Practicum or Internship in Nonprofit Organizations 3.1.17Self enrolmentPayPalInformation
Directed Reading in Nonprofit Organizations 3.1.18Self enrolmentPayPalInformation
Philosophy and Religion Part II 1.2.1Self enrolmentPayPalInformation