Here I stand, wondrously,
Trembling and terrified in Thy presence;
Beseeching Thee, Almighty, Glorious Lord,
To heed my pleas and prayers for
Thy people israel.

Prosper my attempts,
O lord, G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
Whose issue has deputed me,
To entreat Thy mercy and forgiveness.

Though sinner and transgressor,
Accept my prayer as from an upright person;
Hold not my people responsible
for my faults- I beg my words
and meditations be acceptable to Thee.

Forgive, merciful Judge, Israel’s iniquity-
Your people rue their wrongdoing,
They suffer shame and dishonor;
Transform our remorse and misery
into joy and gladness.

Before the throne of Thy everlasting glory,
I voice of Israel’s prayer for forgiveness,
life and peace.

Hear the supplications of Thy people,
O compassionate, Exalted G-d,
who hears my prayer.

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